Sep 19, 2014
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hands down, this is my go-to song whenever i start feeling the “c2c withdrawals”.

it’s hard to believe that this crazy journey started around this time last year. how every weekend was dedicated to traveling around the bay area, rehearsing and practicing hours on end, goofing off 85% of the time we were practicing, having random jam sessions with each other afterwards while we waited until the very last minute to drive back home…dude, it was THE PERFECT life.

something that i REALLY REALLY REALLY miss is singing with these people. you’re probably asking, “why do you prefer singing with this group of people?”

it’s not that they’re more talented or more powerful than other amateur singers; because that’s what 95% of us are. it’s about coming together as one; no fighting, no relying on one person to carry the rest…it’s finding that sweet middle ground of applying what was learned. but most of all from a performers’ standpoint, it shows PASSION. and i definitely miss that passion from those people.

why does this song help me get through my “c2c withdrawals”? it’s not because it’s one of the only songs where EVERYONE was onstage, that’s for sure. nah. it’s actually a more…how do you say it…indirect reason.

i picked this song because everyone who was in it understood the very meaning of what it meant. that’s another thing about being a performer. as a performer you always here “perform like its your last. perform with all your heart.” how are you gonna do that without understanding the song you’re performing?

everyone understood that message. they took it to heart. and they applied it on that stage. and dude, if you were on that stage, you would’ve seen everyone crying tears of joy. like…it was literally the most amazing experience that i’ve ever witnessed firsthand.

THAT’S why i listen to this song. and that’s why i continue to miss performing and being around these people every single week. because they get it.

…and believe me, the unfortunate truth? not everyone does.