do you ever get random bursts of confidence and plan to do something then later wither in shyness

every thirty minutes or so

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i was like…oh no oh oh oh oh nooooo,awwww.

i was like…oh no oh oh oh oh nooooo,awwww.

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i was just feelin myself today u feel me

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Working on my paper is hard on both of us.


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there are billions of people out there will never know you or me or them
the notion of strangers

meet everyone and become an acquaintance
meet yourself

someone is waiting for you to know who they are

i usually don’t do this, but some things we just have to deal with on a case to case basis:

I loved, love, and will love you.

Whether you’re here or there, anywhere.

Just as you are and who you will be. Just as who you have been

whether your life has me out or you in. 

even though im quiet, or sometimes spitting fire,

i hope you eventually understood why.

if ill forever stay just beyond sight. 

its the only way i know to do it right,

and maintain,

Love is not a sin. 

"what is—-?" 5 min. writing prompt; "what is, 100 years?"

what is 100 years?

how does it feel,

most of us will never know.

100 seconds feels like eternity

when you’re waiting for the red light.

or for the patrol with his baynonet

waiting, hiding, waiting for him to just pass by.

100 days feels like 100 nights

when your home was swallowed by the sea

100 nights feels just right

when panata is answered from HIM.

100 days feels like 100 tons

when Holy supper comes

and you weigh out what you have done

100 blessings feels superfluous

when repenting for that wasted one.

patient tears and facing fear, 

feels like 100 years,  when they invade a thought

huh? when did i begin?

100 minutes feels like a gust of wind

when your paper is due by midnight.

100 days feels like hours,

in early september school days.

100 months can feel like all the epic myths retold all night, around the fire.

or transpire as brief as a sneeze

when your baby goes from asking you for kisses talking about wishes

to asking for the car keys and college tuition

100 weeks is brief once you’re a graduate

or infinite, study grind when you’re a freshman

what is 100 tears?

the longest expectation

culled in an instant of revelation,

within the water is all the time, all the memories in each drop, held

cleansing, cast the weighty ages back like a spell.

mind back to timelessness of rest and repose.

and there the tangent goes. this prose is off  oh no.

100 years is the same as 100 days, or 100 minutes

its the value of each moment, each thing that is life

that you relish it, remembering each lengthy experience,

along with each brief feeling and images

collected upon all of those come and gone,

entire lives lived long and each story has a passion,

let ourselves forget their tales,

those moments pass in flashes.

dont. forget. honor and preserve

for all which before us came and bled

but when all is said and done

we have yet really begun.

100 years built up towards the everlasting

and eternity is everything  down to one.

one hundred.



I’m done. 

i know right.

but then, half an hour later, you start again like nothing happened

i threw my hands up

i gave up

but then

had to make up

and smile

and move on.

i got a job to do.

the worst is never the worst, the bible says it.

keep going.

not slowing

the sorrow makes the music sweeter

keeps the fire going. 

happiness makes sappy hits

loss creates art.

just saying.

God is my talent.

I wish I could tell the story now,

but not yet.

but out of the darkness, he gave me the song.

and i mean darkness. 

I lost my job. my sense of security. I had to leave my family. At one moment i had to be assessed of my sanity, my emotional state was given a rating and prescription. 

I have been stripped of many things, which less than a month ago, defined me, my sense of security, my source of inspiration. 


but i know, truly, that God has broken first; which he wills to recreate. 

I do not know exactly what,  but I am ready.

I have waited my whole life to be…

i know it sounds silly, ok.

To know who i am my whole life, knowing i am not it,just yet. Yet, knowing it will be…and not know who, or what that,will be.  if that made any sense, yee.

I just have to remember to pray more, to trust more. His love…

Love never fails.

Forever Grateful.